Adult Science Fiction

In a maze of passageways and caves that overlook bustling docks and a thriving Black Market, wormhole-hopping Pirates hole up in the bowels of a dead asteroid. Shouldering up to their Citadel, sharing a support wall, lies a lavish, Pleasure Palace--the sophisticated and secretive headquarters of a vast Bordello Empire. Striking hard and fast on their forays, easily eluding Galactic Marshals, these Raiders plunder the Galaxy at will.
Undaunted by tales of their vicious atrocities, an unusual boy, shrouded in mystery and possessing exceptional intelligence, is determined to ignore his mother's cryptic wishes, leave the intergalactic University, and somehow find his way back home.
Despite the ruthless marauders, wanting nothing more than to explore the Galaxy with his Uncles on their powerful starships, nearing his sixteenth birthday, Ja Keen, a boy with no last name, escapes his mother's spies, skips graduation, and slips off planet in a spacecraft of his own remarkable design.
In so doing he quickly comes to the end of a subtle, cleverly wrought tether. Born to explore, straining in agony against the tether's limits, down to his DNA he feels it burn, and soon realizes he's being forced into a life that goes against the very core of who he is. Unless he can find a way to escape the inescapable, he must either turn against himself or forfeit his life.

Parallel Universe. Distant Galaxy. Dystopian future.
The era of the Wy Lam Raiders has ended. But in its wake a tyrant has arisen. Shipping magnate, Darcor Liebo, having gained control of the Maggot Holes, brutally dominates intragalactic commerce. Newly commissioned, Galactic Marshal Jolo Ren, taking up his grandfather's failed fight, is driven to stop Liebo and put an end to the despot's rapidly expanding empire.
Twofold, this tale also follows the abandoned, twin daughters of Madam Nar Tana's Chief Eunuch, Joredane Dodspel. Orphaned at the age of four and left to the cobble, Katrina and Alessa struggle to survive a harsh life in the backward, patriarchal colony of Flaxenides on Marshal Ren's home planet, Stareon.

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